Nigel to contest the Berwick seat in next year’s election

The Alnwick branch of the UK Independence Party (UKIP) has selected its candidate to represent the party at next year’s General Election.

On Saturday, Nigel Coghill-Marshall became the party’s prospective parliamentary candidate to fight for the Berwick constituency seat next May.

Nigel is married with two grown-up children and moved from County Durham to live in Alnwick last year when he retired to be nearer his family and granddaughter.

Nigel will be basing his campaign on the matters which directly affect the local community – more jobs which provide a decent wage so local people can actually afford to buy affordable housing.

Nigel’s first public event following his selection will be at Belford Golf Club next Thursday at 7.30 pm when he will be co-chairing a public meeting with branch chairman Michael Weatheritt.

The main speaker at the meeting will be Diane James, who came second for UKIP in last year’s Eastleigh by-election.

She will be ably supported by Jonathan Arnott, UKIP’s lead candidate for the European elections in May this year.

In December, Richard Elvin, chairman of UKIP North East, said that he saw the European elections as a springboard as he launched his party’s campaign in Berwick.

“We’re intiating a major campaign now and targeting all the major towns and villages over the next few months,” he added.