Next generation of engineers at JH Woods

There have been many changes at Berwick-based engineering firm JH Woods in recent months.

Friday, 18th November 2016, 8:10 am
J H Wood apprentices

The business has evolved, numbers of staff increased, and the stores and spares department expanded.

Now, the appointment of 19-year-old apprentices Chris Houliston, Michael Girrity and Ben Nichol has been announced. All three attended Eyemouth High School and see their new careers as both a challenge and an opportunity.

In joining the company, the apprentices will learn from a team of engineers and fabricators who have over 150 years of engineering experience and knowledge across a broad range of industries.

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Ben Nichol has spent the last three years off-shore as a marine engineer. During his cadetship, he worked on diesel engines and did specialist gear box maintenance. Although he travelled the world and saw the most amazing sights, he was keen to establish his future career on dry land.

Until recently, Chris Houliston has been working in a boat yard, welding and fabricating. He was keen to find a new challenge where he could both utilise and expand his engineering skills.

Completing the trio is Michael Girrity who has been working for the last two years with a local building firm, acquiring a wide range of skills. As a general engineer, he will been given the opportunity to secure a wide range of skills.

Manager Nigel Shell said: “As a company we are very keen to support the next generation and we are extremely pleased to welcome these three new recruits to the team.

“Each brings with him experience in different areas, and they will all be supported and mentored. They will work across all sectors of the engineering business to ensure that they secure a broad range of individual skills.”

Jimmy Woods employs 14 full-time members of staff and has a reputation for high standards of work in the agricultural, marine and manufacturing sectors of industry and an extensive customer base.

Since 1939, it has been the place that people go to if they have a requirement for specialist engineering services.

Tim Smalley, managing director of Bedmax, which took over the company, said: “Our aim is to build on the success created by Jimmy Wood and all of the staff and we are fully committed to continuing to invest in both the existing operation and premises at Tweedmouth to ensure future sustainability.”

In investing in these three young people, he is more than keeping his promise and is building on the company’s long-established foundations.