NEWTON ON THE MOOR AND SWARLAND PARISH COUNCIL: On the hunt for illegal fly-tipping in parish

Rubbish beside the A! near Thirston.
Rubbish beside the A! near Thirston.

A warning is being sent out to people not to fly-tip after numerous piles of waste have been left in the parish and other areas.

At last week’s parish meeting it was heard that a pile of rubbish was left near Davison’s Obelisk in Swarland.

Clerk Lisa Hamlin told the meeting that the fly-tipping had been reported to Northumberland County Council and the culprit had been identified.

She added that a prosecution could be made.

However, it was also reported that fly-tipping has taken place in numerous other areas.

Parish councillors heard that there has been an issue with fly-tipping at various points along the A1 in north Northumberland and a car registration has been given to police after a man was seen emptying several bags of rubbish from his car at Thirston.

There have also been problems in Felton.

Mrs Hamlin said: “People have been fly-tipping where the recycling bins were.

“People thought they could put their household rubbish in the bins.

“But signs have now been put up which state that household waste cannot be left there and to do so would be fly-tipping.

“The county council is clamping down on fly-tipping as it is becoming a big problem.”

The meeting heard that prosecutions could take place for anyone found guilty.

Individuals from Felton, Acton and Mitford have already been contacted by the county council in relation to fly-tipping.