Newton on Moor and Swarland Parish Council

School fence raises concern

OFSTED is not responsible for school security, a letter to the parish council stated.

After raising concerns that Swarland First School had to erect a new security fence because of an Ofsted report the parish council wrote to Minister for Education Michael Gove.

But a response from the chief inspector of schools said that school security is the responsibility of the governing body of the school.

Coun Suzanne Stanley said: “But the school has spent money to fence the car park which was already adequately fenced.”

Chairman of the council, Coun David Rixon, said: “I think its absolutely disgusting.

“We should send them a letter telling them to make sure that their inspectors know what they are doing and what powers they have.”

CAR parking bays will not be introduced to The Square, the parish council heard.

Last month concerns were raised about vans and excess parking in the village street.

But as work has been completed, the road is under the control of Northumberland County Council and it has been stipulated that no bays will be marked for cars and as long as vehicles are not causing an obstruction nothing needs to be done.

Clerk Lisa Hamlin said there was concern that the road surface was being damaged by big vehicles going in for collecting bins or making deliveries.

FLOODING at Vyner Park is causing a health and safety concern.

Water at the park is seeping on to land at the equestrian centre, causing erosion to the car park and footpath, and is going down into one of the sheds.

Mrs Hamlin said: “It is very deep, it is up to your knees and my concern is the health and safety aspect. If a child falls in to it or falls over on it we are in trouble.”

Mrs Hamlin has spoken to a land drainage company which will be able to carry out work, including removing hedgerow and clearing the area to make sure that water can flow away.

The council agreed to spend £1,425 on fixing the problem.

COUN David Pettifer asked what will happen with the telephone box in Newton on the Moor now it has been adopted by the parish council.

A notice is to be put in to the Column magazine to see if any residents have any ideas.

THE council has decided to stay with having 12 members for its new single ward.

Last month it was decided that the council would become one ward for both villages, after finding out that they would be charged twice.

Now it has been decided to leave the make-up of councillors the same until the council knows what services it will be responsible for in the changes being planned by Northumberland County Council.

“The responsibilities will become more apparent in the next 12 months so I don’t think we should start altering the numbers,” Coun Rixon said.

DRIVERS coming out of Swarland’s equestrian centre have been told to slow down.

Fears were voiced at last month’s meeting about cars coming out of the centre and not taking notice of other drivers on the road.

Mrs Hamlin said: “I spoke to the owner and he immediately installed a stop sign and informed all users about our concerns.”

HAY bales in a field along Park Road are to be moved.

Coun Brian Long said a resident has spoken to the landowner about the bales causing a problem.

He said: “It has been requested that they be moved to a more suitable location. They are gradually disappearing.”

CONCERNS have been raised about parish council representation to residents.

A questionnaire in the parish plan, which is launched this week, has highlighted that some parishioners are unaware of who represents them and how to raise problems within the villages.

Mrs Hamlin said that at Swarland Show two years ago there was a stand with information about all the parish councillors and contact details and suggested something like that was done again.

It was agreed to ask people at the launch of the parish plan about representation.

If anyone wants to give email addresses they can receive minutes once they have been signed off.

THE next mid-Coquet cluster meeting will take place on May 9 and the topic will be fuel poverty.

A TREE Preservation Order has been recommended on land to the east of Ash Cottage, Newton on the Moor.

LETTERS are being sent to landowners to remind them to cut trees and hedges.