NEWSPAPER: Service needs more readers

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Alnwick Lions Talking Newspaper has been providing a service to the visually impaired for 35 years

Volunteers supply the manpower in producing the paper that goes out every second week. This letter is an appeal for readers, male or female.

A reader attends the Northumberland Gazette office from about 9.45am on the Thursday they are reading until approximately 11am. The reading consists of four people, two men and women, who select items from the Gazette of that week and the previous week to read. They choose which articles and take turns so they read their items in rotation until the 45-minute tape is full. Payment is a mug of water while reading if required.

If we had a pool of readers, of approximately eight of each sex, then the workload would be about one hour every two to three months.

If you feel you or any friends could help, or if you want any further information, please contact me by telephone on 01665 602562 (preferred), or through the Alnwick Lions website at

Andrew Smail

Alnwick Lions Talking Newspaper