New Year messages found in treasure on the beach

Dave Kirchoff with the bottle and messages.
Dave Kirchoff with the bottle and messages.

Wishing for a pony, wanting peace in Israel and Palestine and hoping for a new hairstyle – these are just some of the unusual messages found inside a giant bottle which was washed up on a north Northumberland beach.

David Kirchoff was out walking his Border collie, Jessie, last month when his beloved 10-year-old pooch sniffed out the object, which was lying among the rocks at Seaton Point, near Boulmer.

Not only was David, from Alnwick, taken aback by the size of the treasure, but he was amazed to discover that it was full of little letters.

Determined to find out more, he prized out the contents to unveil 102 different notes, which seem to be a collection of New Year’s wishes.

He believes the bottle has come from the Netherlands.

Terschelling, a municipality and island in northern Holland, and Sassenheim, a town in the west of the country, are mentioned in some of the letters. But to his disappointment, there are no contact details.

He said: “My partner has been able to translate a few of the notes and they seem to be people’s individual wishes for 2013.

“Messages include wishing for a healthy child, becoming rich, wishing for a pony and a new hairstyle for (Queen) Beatrix. Some are just pictures and there are one or two which are written in English. There is a mix of handwriting and the letters seem to be mainly from children, although there seems to be some adult letters too.

“I originally thought it had come from a school, but I am not sure. It is interesting but unfortunately there are no email addresses or contact details.”

To try to unravel the mystery, father-of-one David has emailed a school in Terschelling, but is yet to hear anything.

If he has no luck, he intends to write to one in Sassenheim and is considering contacting the local media over there.

“I will persevere,” said David, 58, who works for British Gas. “It would be good to find out more and let whoever sent it know that it was found here.”