New websites and a TV channel for museum

Baliffgate Museum, Alnwick.Baliffgate Museum, Alnwick.
Baliffgate Museum, Alnwick.
After months of painstaking hardwork, Bailiffgate Museum volunteers have launched two new websites and the Bailiffgate TV YouTube channel.

Residents will see familiar faces and uncover new stories about their community, and researchers from across the world will have access to the new, searchable, digital archives.

The Bailiffgate Museum and Gallery website ( is faster and more mobile friendly and will keep people up to date with what’s going on.

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The Bailiffgate Collections website ( is a digital archive of photographs, documents and images of objects and artworks held in the collection. It also includes the database of local servicemen who died in the First World War.

Bailiffgate TV is the new YouTube channel that showcases films made of local people talking about their past and present communities and archive footage over the last 70 years.

Jean Humphrys, chairman of the Board of Trustees, said: “We are really excited by the easy access we are now able to give to our current events and the extensive information we have on the history of Alnwick and district.

“We get many requests from people around the world who are researching where their families come from and this will be a fantastic resource for them.

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“Our new collections site and YouTube channels are great works in progress – we have so many documents, photos and films to show.

“The information we gather locally and generous donations from local people means this collection will grow even more over time.

“I know that friends, family and neighbours will enjoy finding familiar faces and places in these fascinating archives.”

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