NEW WEATHER ALERT: Snow expected to hit east Northumberland on Sunday

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No play today

The latest snow warnings for northern Britain, including Northumberland, have been extended into Sunday.

While the alerts have been upgraded to amber (be prepared), the second highest level, for tonight and tomorrow in western parts of Northumberland, the Met Office have also predicted snow in the east of the county on Sunday.

The next 24 hours remain the most worrying for emergency services and power companies, as the cold front sweeps in from the north-west disrupting travel plans and causing health concerns. An increasingly cold and unstable air mass will push south-east and showers are set to become frequent and heavy, falling primarily as snow and driven well inland by strong to gale-force north-westerly winds.

But the new alert has been issued for Northumberland coastal areas on Sunday. Scotland will bear the brunt on Saturday.

The Met Office says: “A very cold airmass will continue to spread southwards from Scotland and Northern Ireland across the remainder of the UK on Sunday accompanied by strong winds. Frequent showers are likely to form in this airmass, primarily affecting northern parts of Scotland and Northern Ireland but also running along eastern and western coastal districts of England and Wales at times. With the cold air snow is likely to accumulate even to low levels wherever showers affect. Periods of enhanced snowfall are possible within this general flow but details of these are very uncertain at this time. As such this alert is likely to be updated and refined in the coming days to better represent individual features.”