New video highlights parking enforcement camera car

Northumberland County Council's parking enforcement camera car.Northumberland County Council's parking enforcement camera car.
Northumberland County Council's parking enforcement camera car.
Motorists are being urged to be smarter parkers, especially near schools.

Northumberland County Council and Go Smarter have launched a video to promote the council’s parking enforcement camera car.

The vehicle, which covers schools that have a School Keep Clear restriction, was introduced to tackle road safety problems outside of schools.

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The video highlights the advantages of using the camera car and how penalty charge notices are posted directly to the registered driver of the vehicle after an offence is committed.

Enforcement officers from the council carry out daily patrols, with the car allowing them to be more efficient.

In the video, a teacher raises concerns about how it is becoming difficult for children to use their bikes to get to school and many of the cars force youngsters to walk into the road.

It is hoped that the video shows how important this car is, and how it can help the community.

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Coun Ian Swithenbank, cabinet member for local services, said: “The scheme helps schools to be much safer, and it can also cut down congestion outside of the buildings.

“While we don’t want to issue a fine to anyone, the most important thing is the child’s safety. This video shows exactly why this sort of thing is so important.

People are very busy, and while it may be convenient to just pull up, it needs to be dealt with before children get hurt.”