New technology raises issues as well as solutions

Superfast arrives in Belford
Superfast arrives in Belford

Not everyone in Belford is happy that the village has been switched onto superfast broadband, according to one parish councillor.

At last Thursday’s meeting of Belford Parish Council, Coun Geoff O’Connell reported that since the new fibre technology had arrived, residents had been experiencing issues with their traditional broadband.

He said that he had received a number of complaints from residents in West Street, The Meadows, West Bank and Nursery Lane of the connection dropping out and slower speeds.

However, a BT spokeswoman said that they had received no widespread faults reported in Belford, pointing out that teams can’t carry out checks unless the issues have been reported to service providers.

She stressed that it was very important for anyone experiencing problems to log faults.

County Coun John Woodman also reported that a number of properties on High Street are exchange-only, meaning they cannot access superfast broadband.

The spokeswoman confirmed that these properties are not in the current roll-out plans, but could be covered under future funding from the Superfast Extension programme (SEP).

Meanwhile, a third cabinet in Belford, serving 130 premises, is awaiting connection.