New sign aims to stop speeding motorists on A697

Councillor Glen Sanderson on the A697
Councillor Glen Sanderson on the A697

A new flashing speed sign is to be installed at the entrance to a Northumberland village in a bid to improve the safety record of a dangerous road.

The £4,000 device will be sited at the south end of Longhorsley, on the A697.

Known as a speed indication display (SID), the sign will flash vehicles’ speed.

It is due to be erected soon and will be up for two years on a trial basis.

If successful, it could lead to the roll out of further signs.

Coun Glen Sanderson, ward member for Chevington with Longhorsley, has used money from his members’ small schemes fund to pay for the device.

He said: “As far as I am aware, this will be the first SID in Northumberland.

“It has taken a long time to get this and I hope it makes a difference, by reducing people’s speed and making them aware of how quickly they are going.”

There was a spate of crashes along the A697 last year, some of which were fatal, and Coun Sanderson has been fighting to improve its safety.

Figures showed that the A697 had double the average number of accidents for a rural A-class road.

Coun Sanderson added that results from a road action plan are to be published in May and there have been discussions about a greater deployment of mobile speed cameras and police presence.