New product range is jewel in the crown

John Davidson.
John Davidson.

A north Northumberland-based specialist skin care company has had a right Royal result, after being chosen by The Queen’s pharmacists to create a new range of products.

Skin Salveation (SS), in Felton, and London’s John Bell & Croyden (JB&C) Pharmacy & Wellbeing Emporium, have joined forces to unveil a series of wares to help people suffering from dry skin conditions.

John Davidson, director of SS, admits it is a massive coup for his company and anticipates it will lead to the creation of extra jobs.

He said: “It is a huge opportunity for us and clearly we are delighted that we have been chosen.

“They came to us too. They had investigated our products and when they approached us we were completely blind to it. We were quite staggered.”

As part of the process, John used Richard Frater at Alnwick-based company Complete Business Supplies to help design the packaging from scratch.

JB&C has more than 200 years’ experience in healthcare and holds a Royal Warrant as Pharmacists to Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II.

It has a global reputation for delivering first-class products and commissioned SS to create a skin care range that compliments its existing products.

The range was designed by chemists to reduce exposure to irritants while also soothing and protecting dry and damaged skin.

It includes laundry powder for sensitive skin and eczema treatment soap bar.

Josie Elles, from JB&C, said: “We needed a holistic approach to treating dry skin – it’s not just about a cream to sooth the itch.

“The SS range not only soothes dry skin complaints but also helps reduce exposure to irritants that cause the problems in the first place. What’s more, SS protects and heals already damaged skin.”

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