New LED lantern tested by council in North Sunderland

A new type of streetlight is being trialled in North Sunderland on the path between Main Street and South Lane.

By Ian Smith
Wednesday, 22nd May 2019, 1:04 pm
The light in North Sunderland.
The light in North Sunderland.

Northumberland County Council has been shown a new solar-powered streetlight which is rated to work in the darker skies of the north of England.The LED lantern has been fitted on the wooden pole at the site of the former light which has been out of service for more than two years.Renovations to a nearby house removed a chimney which held the mains connection to the old light, which cut off the mains electricity to the old streetlight, and under new guidelines the National Grid refused to reconnect the light via a private property. The light is fitted with movement sensors which turn it onto full power when people are detected. When on standby, it is dimmed to save power. If the trial is successful, the county will buy a light to be fitted permanently for around £750.Coun Guy Renner-Thompson said: “I’m delighted we’ve finally found a solution to this long-running problem. The dark path was a hazard, particularly to the elderly and children, and I have been pushing for a new light for some time. The problem was National Grid’s unwillingness to connect to the old house, which left the council with a very hefty bill to connect the light by digging up 80 meters of path and laying cable.“This is a modern, innovative solution which is good for the taxpayer.”

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