New home for 14th-century coastal castle...

An iconic castle which has dominated one of the most beautiful stretches of the Northumberland coastline for hundreds of years has been moved inland – according to one of the world’s leading websites.

As the above screen shot shows, a search on Google Maps for the 14th-century ruin places the attraction close to Dunstan, about 1 kilometre away from the sea.

The mistake was brought to our attention by eagle-eyed Nigel Billen, from London, who said: “I was staying with my 97-year-old dad who lives in Craster and playing with the app on my new phone and noticed the error.

“I have contacted Google a couple of times using the map’s error report but to no avail.”

Nigel has also left a message on Google Maps’ Dunstanburgh Castle page to try to fix the error.

It reads: “Nothing nicer than a walk along the coast to this ruin...But my reason for posting is to point out that Google has the wrong location on the map.

“I have sent Google Maps a couple of reports but they insist they are right!

“Can you help get it changed by reporting the error...If enough of us get together surely we can move something as small as a castle!”

He suggested Gazette readers flag up the issue en masse, to try to get the mistake resolved.