New HGV legislation welcomed

Kate Cairns
Kate Cairns

A north Northumberland councillor, whose sister was killed while cycling in London, has reacted to new legislation governing HGVs.

As of Tuesday, HGVs entering the capital must now be fitted with sideguards, to prevent cyclists being dragged underneath the vehicle, and a series of mirrors to give drivers a better view of cyclists and pedestrians.

Eilidh Cairns.

Eilidh Cairns.

Each breach carries a maximum £1,000 penalty and repeat offenders risk losing their operating licences.

Kate Cairns, who founded the See Me Save Me campaign in 2009 following the death of her sister Eilidh, has welcomed the move.

“This new legislation sends a strong and very clear message that these deaths are no longer acceptable and that those that pose the risk are best placed to manage it,” she said.

“However, the measures do not go far enough.

“This move is simply removing the exemptions that exist for certain types of construction vehicles and the See Me Save Me campaign has always claimed that mirrors alone do not work.”

She added: “This is not just a cycling issue and not just a London issue.

“Twice as many pedestrians are killed by HGVs than cyclist and there are many more deaths from HGVs across the UK than in London.

“This is the start of new legal standards in the UK and it is sure they will be rolled out across the country.”