New flood engagement officer for Northumberland

Emma Craig is the Environment Agency's new community engagement officer in Northumberland.
Emma Craig is the Environment Agency's new community engagement officer in Northumberland.

The Environment Agency has appointed a new team of engagement officers to help communities be more resilient to flooding in the North East.

The £280,000-a-year project includes four new engagement officers spread across four areas, with one being for Northumberland – Emma Craig.

Funded by the Northumbria Regional Flood and Coastal Committee (NRFCC) for the next four years, the officers are working alongside partner organisations to help support communities.

They will help businesses and residents to understand their risk of flooding and ensuring those in flood-risk areas are signed up to receive free flood warnings.

They’re also helping communities prepare themselves for flooding, such as supporting them to develop community flood plans and recruit volunteer flood wardens in at-risk communities.

Emma is working on behalf of the Environment Agency and Northumberland County Council to increase flood resilience in areas at risk of flooding.

More than 300 properties were flooded in Storm Desmond in 2015, but there are more than 3,000 properties at risk of fluvial flooding in the county. There are also around 17,000 properties at risk from surface-water flooding.

Emma said: “Many communities in Northumberland have created plans and taken action to make themselves more resilient after experiencing significant flooding during Storm Desmond.

“I’ll be continuing to work in the communities which were affected as well as other areas in Northumberland that remain at risk of flooding.”

You can contact Emma at or 0208 474 9845.

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