New charges for tipping your rubbish

The household waste recycling centre at Lionheart Enterprise Park, Alnwick.
The household waste recycling centre at Lionheart Enterprise Park, Alnwick.

Northumberland residents taking rubble, soil and plasterboard to the tip are being advised that a small charge will apply from September 14.

It is one of a number of measures considered by Northumberland County Council in order to avoid other service cuts.

The council consulted users of household waste centres and almost half of those spoken to considered that a small charge for some items of DIY waste would be more acceptable than the other options of reducing opening hours or closing sites.

While local authorities have to dispose of ordinary household waste, they are not under an obligation to take DIY waste.

Soil, rubble and plasterboard will all be subject to a £2 per bag/sheet charge – with charges of £12 for a load in a standard car/hatchback; £20 in a small trailer/estate car/small van; £40 in a longer trailer and £80 in a transit van. Users of vans, trailers and commercial vehicles will also need a permit.

Payments will be by credit or debit or pre-paid payment card only – and visitors to the sites should agree the charge and pay before depositing their waste.

These charges to residents will still not cover the total cost of disposing of this DIY waste and the council will continue to fund the rest of the cost. There is still no charge for taking garden waste and other DIY items such as sink units and bathroom suites to waste recovery centres.

The specific types of waste that the charges refer to include ceramic pipes; bricks and breeze blocks; concrete and paving slabs; gravel, stone, sand and soil; rubble hard core and tarmac; plasterboard; and tiles and slates. A site attendant will inspect the items for tipping, advise on the charge and take payment.