New cattle grid put in place after concerns

Coun Kate Cairns and the cattle grid.Coun Kate Cairns and the cattle grid.
Coun Kate Cairns and the cattle grid.
A new cattle grid has been installed at South Charlton after residents expressed worries to the parish council about widening gaps and increasing damage by HGVs.

To help with a replacement, ward councillor Kate Cairns allocated £2,000 of her members’ fund.

She said: “Rural villages such as East Ditchburn often suffer neglect of investment because the population is so sparse.

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“This grid on a steep slope is used daily by school taxis and the postman, plus residents and heavy logging lorries. In wet or icy conditions it becomes quite a scary prospect for smaller vehicles.

Residents have been in touch to say thank you and that it’s making a difference.”

A spokeswoman for Eglingham Parish Council said: “We are grateful to Coun Cairns who has responded to concerns raised by South Charlton residents and other users of the East Ditchburn Road.

“The work of council officers to ensure that the new grid was installed with the minimal of disruption to farms, residents and vehicles is also appreciated. Hedgehogs will also be grateful for the new escape route that has been provided in the cattle grid.”

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○ New safety chevrons have been installed on the stretch of road, which has several tight bends, running from Newton Barns to Beadnell.

Residents living near the S-bends were being affected.

Coun Kate Cairns said: “Residents told me that they regularly had people knocking on their door taking refuge in their living room after drivers had taken the bends too quickly and ended up in the ditch.

“Thankfully, the signs seemed to have returned peace to their home and safety to drivers.”

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