New captain has hopped on board Navy warship

Commander Patricia Kohn.
Commander Patricia Kohn.

The Royal Navy warship HMS Northumberland has welcomed on board her new captain, Commander Patricia Kohn.

Cdr Kohn assumed command last week while the ship was in Guernsey and said she was delighted to take up the post.

She joined the Royal Navy in 1997 and has a wide range of experience.

Her distinguished career includes being navigating officer of the mine hunter HMS Bridport, navigating the destroyer HMS Cardiff.

She served as operations officer, and later second-in-command, in the Plymouth-based frigate HMS Monmouth.

She also joined Commander UK Maritime Forces organisation (specialising in maritime security) battle staff.

Just before she joined HMS Northumberland, Cdr Kohn was a damage control officer at Flag Officer Sea Training.

HMP Northumberland has recently taken part in a seven-month deloyment, as well as maritime security operations in UK waters.