New campaign is aiming to clamp down on litter louts

The Love Northumberland, Hate Litter campaign was launched in Blyth on Monday.
The Love Northumberland, Hate Litter campaign was launched in Blyth on Monday.

A new crackdown on litter louts has started, with the launch of the county council’s wide-ranging campaign called Love Northumberland, Hate Litter.

Cleaning streets and public spaces costs the council a huge amount of money each year and the new drive will raise awareness of the cost to the public purse and highlight the negative impacts of littering behaviour.

It will focus on litter hot-spots and council teams will be working proactively with schools, businesses and local organisations, as well as parish and town councils in the quest to tackle litter.

Phases of the campaign will focus on different types of rubbish, like cigarette ends, fast-food wrappings, roadside litter and town-centre litter, as well as promotion of pride in local areas.

Food premises inspected by the council will receive a leaflet and information about their responsibility in respect of litter which can come from their products.

For licensed premises this will focus on cigarette litter and promote the installation of cigarette bins, where they are not already available. A ‘food on the go’ initiative will target fast-food businesses, including displaying anti-litter messages inside premises and at exits.

The council will be using social media to highlight the costs and impact of litter, as well as campaign materials from national charity Keep Britain Tidy, which the council works with to monitor environmental quality.

Zero tolerance will also form a pivotal part of the campaign, with council enforcement officers looking to identify culprits and issue on-the-spot fines and deliver a programme of enforcement in targeted areas.

The campaign was launched in Blyth on Monday.