New bus driver Emily is among the youngest

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A young apprentice has successfully passed her passenger carrying vehicles (PCV) test, putting her in with one of the youngest women to pass in the region.

Emily Redhead, from Alnwick, passed her PCV test last week and has now started getting out on the school run to her old school.

The former Duchess’s High School student took up a Business Administrator apprenticeship with Rothbury Motors, which is based in Alnwick, in October last year.

The 20-year-old is now one of the youngest women in the North East to pass her test but for transport manager James Gutherson everyone who works at the business must pass the PCV test and further CPC training no matter what gender.

“The day she came into the interview she was told, you will go through your coach test, Everyone on the premises.

“Everyone who works for the company has to drive, for the simple reason that when the other coaches are away we cover all the school contracts and work at weekends to cover them as well so she was under no illusion she was going to be driving coaches.”

The well-known local business was set up in 1973 and moved into Alnwick as the business expanded.

On Monday, Emily took her first school run passing her test last Thursday and is excited to keep going.

Emily said: “The difference from driving a car is crazy, because it’s so much bigger and you have to take care of everything, you have to look around the whole area of the bus when driving and is really hard to park.”

“When you go round corners you have to thinking about the rest of the bus, which you don’t have to think about as much in a car because it’s smaller, but I like it though.

“I’m not nervous for it because I’ve done the training now but for the first few months I’ll be doing the school runs.”

Emily will now spend the next few months on some of the smaller school runs before taking on larger private hire contracts.