New book leads to teaming up with hair-loss charity

Bea Davenport with Captain BeBold.
Bea Davenport with Captain BeBold.

A north Northumberland author has launched a new children’s book as well as a partnership with a North East-based alopecia charity.

Journalist Barbara Henderson, who writes as Bea Davenport, wanted to help children who have lost their hair.

Barbara suffered from alopecia for more than two decades, losing her hair when she was eight. It was her personal journey with the condition that inspired her to include a character with alopecia in her debut children’s novel, The Serpent House, published by Curious Fox last month.

“I strongly believe strongly that children should be able to see ‘themselves’ in books – in other words, that they should be able to read about young people like themselves,” she said.

“A long time ago, writers realised that there was no reason why the hero of a story shouldn’t look or act different to the norm, but I’ve never found another book where the main character has lost her hair.”

Curious Fox made contact with charity BeBold this spring and director Darren Payne was thrilled to hear about The Serpent House.

He said that the book featuring a character based on personal experience ‘is another fantastic way that children suffering with hair loss can feel normal and positive about their condition’.

The partnership saw advance copies of The Serpent House sent out to young alopecia sufferers and a launch event in Newcastle to which BeBold families were invited.