New book allows walkers to take high or low road

Northumberland Coast Path at Howick Credit: Gavin Duthie.
Northumberland Coast Path at Howick Credit: Gavin Duthie.

A new walking guide proves that the tortoise and the hare can set off and finish at the same time, and enjoy each other’s company along the way.

Of the two authors of Northumberland Walks – You Take the High Road, Anne Leuchars is the tortoise, a slow walker who likes to stop for a breather, and Debby Waldron is the hare, fit enough for any outdoor challenge.

Together they have devised walks which bring equal pleasure to both types of walker.

The duo met while working in Newcastle and have walked many miles together since.

They both live in Northumberland – Anne in the Tyne Valley and Debby in the north of the county. Anne is a journalist while Debby works as a camera journalist.

Each walk splits into harder sections for fitter people and easier tracks for slower walkers.

In most cases you all set off together, then separate part-way through and meet up again to complete the walk together.

The walks also accommodate differences in approach to a day in the countryside.

Some people like the satisfaction of several miles or a steep hill conquered, others prefer to stroll along, taking rests along the way to relish the views, but all the routes require several hours or a full day to complete.

The 160-page softback book published by Sigma Press, is available for £8.99 from bookshops or direct from Sigma – www.sigma