New arrival Milo is being shown the ropes by Keiser

Milo and Keiser.
Milo and Keiser.

The next instalment of our weekly series dedicated to Alnwick-based dog sanctuary, SHAK.

A dog, whose previous owner wanted him destroyed, has been rescued by SHAK.

Milo, a lurcher, is a new arrival at the sanctuary and the dedicated team is already working to improve his fortunes.

Founder Stephen Wylie said: “One of our newest arrivals is Milo, who has come to us completely under socialised.

“Despite being a really loving soul, everything stresses him out and he has no idea how to behave. His previous owner wanted him destroyed and when the vets contacted me I knew we had to help him. He’s only 10 months old.”

In years gone by, Stephen would have relied on his faithful four-legged friend, Star, to help with a new arrival’s rehabilitation.

But after Star died in June, Stephen has turned to trusted companion Keiser – a German shepherd who lives with Stephen after finding life difficult at the SHAK kennels – to try to help Milo settle in.

He said: “It’s times like this I miss Star even more because she definitely would have sorted Milo out, but having walked him the last couple of days it was clear I had to come up with a plan.

“Step up Keiser for his first mission as a stooge dog. Keiser himself knows all about the stress of kennel life before he ended up living with me for that very reason. Milo was horrific in meeting, paws all over, lunging and a high pitched bark. Keiser had a little word back and then got on with his walk – amazingly so did Milo.

“I’m so proud of both of these boys; Keiser has come so far and the fact he’s even doing such work is amazing. For Milo, it was a huge step and a great day one in his journey.”