New Alnwick garage opens – with cheaper fuel!

Alnwick’s second petrol station, which has been closed for more than a year, has finally re-open this evening, creating competition for customers in the Northumberland town.

But drivers eager to see whether the new site would open at a cheaper fuel price than the existing Co-op garage at Willowtree Industrial Estate were kept waiting.

Eventually, after a day of deliveries and hard work, the lights were switched on and the doors opened at around 7pm.

And motorists’ wish came true – the fuel was cheaper. Unleaded petrol was priced 129.9p at Cawledge, compared with 133.9p at the Co-op garage, while diesel was 135.9p, compared with 138.9p.

Site owners the Northumberland Estates had signed a deal with Rontec, with the promise of 18 new jobs, nine now with a further nine to follow around the start of May. Rontec is a leading operator in the industry with more than 200 forecourts across England and Wales, operating under the Shop ’N Drive brand at Cawledge. The convenience store, together with BP fuel, will be available to motorists 24 hours a day, seven days a week.