Neighbours’ access and sewerage fears

A scheme to build 11 new homes in a north Northumberland village has sparked concerns from residents, particularly in relation to drainage and access.

David Whitehead has applied to the county council to demolish 3 The Barn in Rennington in order to create an enlarged residential site at Castle Back to build eight detached houses as well as three terraced affordable homes.

The detached properties would be four or five-bedroom, while the affordable houses would have two or three bedrooms.

The development would include a new access road site through the site as well as an improved junction for vehicles and pedestrians to Church Road.

According to a design and access statement for the proposals, it is ‘intended to create an informal planned ‘village feel’ to the development which in scale, massing and design should enhance this edge of Rennington’.

It goes on to explain that the houses will work with the natural contours of the site which falls towards the B1340 road end and care has been taken in the orientation of certain properties in relation to the existing Grange Park homes.

But one Grange Park resident, Margaret Seton, has raised concerns about the village’s sewerage system, congestion and access, privacy and flooding.

And similar issues are raised by another two objectors in Rennington.

One of them, Paul Weston said: “It is commonly known that the parish council and residents of Rennington have for some time been concerned that the sewerage system and pumping station in Rennington is already at its maximum capacity.

“We are told that the surface water going through the system causes the system to become overloaded in times of heavy rain causing raw sewerage to be allowed to overflow into the burn.

“Also, as a consequence of the influx of surface water, the sewerage plant and filter beds to the north-east of the site will overflow into nearby fields even more so than at present.”