Needy, not greedy

JUST when you thought Northumberland County Council couldn’t go any lower, the administration chooses to plumb new depths in a desperate bid to penny-pinch.

The decision to remove charity clothing bins from council recycling sites is not only wrong, it’s reprehensible – particularly when they support local good causes.

Just in case there’s any doubt at County Hall, these are charities which care for people not only right here on our doorstep, but in disaster-stricken parts of the world. You only have to turn on the television and see what has just happened in Japan to get an idea.

What will gall anyone with an ounce of compassion is that money which could help to ease suffering will instead be channelled into the county council’s coffers via a private company.

You may wonder what has driven our local authority to take such an extremely unpleasant measure, one which it admits will outrage the public. The answer is simple – cold, hard finance. This will generate around £300,000 in income.

Yet consider that this is the very same county council which until only recently spent a similar amount on a glossy vanity magazine to trumpet its own questionable achievements.

A council which only last December spent £530,000 in a SINGLE MONTH on consultants.

We have a better suggestion. Leave the charity bins alone and rein in your profligate waste of our hard-earned council tax before ever considering such an appalling course of action again.