Needles and beer cans found in play park ... and more from North Sunderland Parish Council

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Needles and beer cans have been found in James Street play park in Seahouses.

Police have been informed and public protection officers have visited. These objects have also been found in Stone Close.

* Potholes outside the old police station and at the entrance to the social club are now extreme. It was also noted that Co-op lorries are still parking at the bus stop.

* Cars and lorries turning into Crumstone are churning up the road surface. The bush behind Crumstone is overgrown and forcing pedestrians off the pavement into the path of cars.

* County councillor Guy Renner-Thompson will make a request for the large road sweeper to visit the village and ask about the number of county-council operatives.

* White lines on Harbour Hill have still not been painted on the road. A letter is to be written to Northumberland County Council to pursue the matter.