National Park Foundation launches

Northumberland National Park
Northumberland National Park

A new charitable foundation to safeguard the future of a North-East beauty spot has been launched.

The Northumberland National Park Foundation has been set up to promote, assist and encourage the protection, conservation and enhancement of Northumberland National Park and its surrounding areas.

With some of Britain’s finest landscapes, awe-inspiring geological features, purest rivers, darkest skies and rarest flora and fauna, the Foundation will help safeguard the heritage and culture of the National Park and all that makes it unique.

As an independent charity, the Foundation will explore opportunities for a range of initiatives within the park.

It is likely to support activities that enhance the protection or conservation of the natural or historic environment, volunteering, education and learning opportunities for people of all ages, vocational training courses, research and activities that open up the park to a wider range of people.

The Foundation is led by a number of local trustees, who each share a passion for the conservation of the National Park and will lead its work.

The Foundation hopes to work alongside a range of philanthropic partners, including trusts, organisations and individuals, who are equally passionate about the Northumberland National Park.

It will work closely with and support Northumberland National Park Authority’s work, but as an independent charity, it will act solely to build a network of supporters and raise awareness of the initiatives across the park and beyond.

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