Name and shame the dog owners who won’t pick up

PILES of dog dirt which are plaguing a north Northumberland village have led to calls for serious action to be taken against irresponsible owners.

Parish councillors in Rothbury have said they are at their wits end with streets being covered in canine mess, despite dog bins dotted around the village.

And in a fresh bid to rid the streets of the mess, the Northumberland Gazette’s Scoop the Poop campaign is urging members of the public to report those who fail to clean up after their pets.

Rothbury Parish Council has previously backed the campaign and has now made renewed calls for action.

Coun Joy Morton said: “I am sick of people telling me about it

“But I see their point it is absolutely everywhere. I was assured that people were going around and checking but nothing seems to be being done.”

Coun Mark Gilson added: “I returned from walking my dog at around 8.15am one morning and picked up a dog poo bag which had just been dropped at the side of the road.

“It was only 80 paces from a dog poo bin and had just been dropped in the street.

“What Joe Public gets up to absolutely amazes me. I really do think the people of Rothbury should turn on irresponsible dog owners.”

The latest monthly parish meeting heard that the dog warden has been seen in the village but has concentrated on certain areas from which complaints have been made.

Parish and county councillor Steven Bridgett said: “A lot of it is happening at 6am or 9pm before or after people go to and from work.

“But dog wardens don’t operate in unsociable hours.”

Concerns were also raised about public health.

However Coun Bridgett said that the county council does have options - but is reluctant to use them.

“You can put up motion-sensitive cameras,” he said.

“But there has been bad press about other councils using them.

“But they have night vision and would catch people.”

Coun Morton asked if the police volunteers based at Rothbury would be able to look into it as well.

Coun Gilson added: “Local residents need to point the finger.

“I find it very unlikely that the names of the main perpetrators are not known. The people of Rothbury have got to become involved.”

Coun Peter Dawson said: “This is something that happens in a community.

“There are a large number of responsible dog owners who go out with their dogs and pick up after them.

“But for the others, the community needs to take stock of what’s happening where and if it means reporting the dog owner then make no mistake, they will be reported. If it causes upset, so be it.”