Nala is the Christmas star in our special pet contest

Nala and Jade Dodds.
Nala and Jade Dodds.

A happy, cuddly pooch has been crowned the winner of the Northumberland Gazette’s Star Pet competition.

Miniature Jack Russell Nala was one of dozens of entries of animals of all varieties, shapes and sizes which were entered for the competition.

But it was the three-and-a-half-year-old cute canine that won the day.

Nala is owned by Jade Dodds and Gary Reed, who live in Alnwick.

Jade said: “We chose her when she was just one-week-old and picked her up at 12 weeks.

“She is brilliant.

“She’s a very lovable dog. She goes absolutely mad for tennis balls, loves cuddles at night time and loves going out for walks.

“I entered her because she is so lovely and I wanted to share her with everybody else.

“She has a toy called Ratty which we took for her when she was born and it’s the only one that she won’t rip apart.

“We’re absolutely delighted that we’ve won the competition.”

Nala wins £25 which Jade and Gary can use to buy Christmas treats for their pet pooch.

The Star Pet competition was run in the Gazette last month.

Readers were given a number of entries from which to choose and asked to vote for their favourite.

And while dogs made up the majority of entries, there were also cats, guinea pigs and even a ferret thrown into the mix.