Mystery of car ‘stranded’ on causeway

A LIFEBOAT was launched following reports that a car may have been washed off the Holy Island causeway, but nothing was found.

At 3.40pm on Sunday, Seahouses lifeboat was asked to investigate a report from a resident on the island that a car may have been washed off the causeway.

It had been seen earlier, apparently stranded in the rising tide, and could now no longer be seen.

Coastguards had attended and were concerned that the car could have been washed away by the abnormally high tide, aggravated by a strong wind. Other Coastguard personnel and the Rescue Helicopter from RAF Boulmer, were also called.

The inshore lifeboat was taken by road to Holy Island, due to the rough sea conditions and strong wind.

The causeway area was extensively searched, and no trace of any vehicle or its occupants could be found. The rescue crews stooped the search at 5.30pm.

Holy Island Coastguards were to carry out a check at low tide, for any signs of a vehicle in the sand.

Concern remains as to the whereabouts of the car occupants.

Seahouses lifeboat operations manager Ian Clayton said: “If people abandon cars after getting stranded while trying cross the causeway outside of the safe crossing times, they should at least advise the emergency services, to prevent an incident like this one, where we are left unsure as to whether they are safe or not.

“It was an abnormally high tide this afternoon, due to the strong wind.”