Musician launches album

James TaitJames Tait
James Tait
A Rothbury lad who has a passion for music and is inspired by his surroundings is launching his first album next week.

James Tait is a classically trained pianist and has composed his own music for many years.

He currently earns a living from teaching piano and guitar and performing.

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And he has now decided to take his work to a wider audience with the launch of his own album, celebrating his roots.

The Long Journey Hom’ contains 17 tracks, all composed by James, which are generally in the traditional Northumbrian style.

James said: “Although a Rothbury lad, some of the inspiration behind the music draws heavily on the Upper Coquet Valley.

“My parents work at Barrowburn farm, which in the last six years, has become famous for its tearoom, an essential stop for hikers, cyclists and people from all walks of life.

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“Two of the tracks on the album feature Barrowburn in the title – a jig called The Barrowburn Cream Scones, and a slow air called Bluebells at Barrowburn.

“There exists already a very famous folk tune called The Barrowburn Reel, written by Addie Harper, and I thought it would be fitting to feature a tribute to the farm as my Dad is giving up the farm tenancy this year after 150 years of it being in his family.”

In all, the album is a mixture or marches, jigs, reels and slow airs.

James is featured on piano, with Roddy Matthews on fiddle, Paul Capaldi on accordion and Adam Forster on drums.

The album will be launched at the Coquetdale Music Trust on Sunday, June 26 with a concert to showcase the music.

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