Mums set up custom meal service direct to your door

Adele Johnson and Simone Neri, owners of Taste of Northumberland
Adele Johnson and Simone Neri, owners of Taste of Northumberland

Two Northumberland mums have come together to make the ultimate recipe in catering for events of all shapes and sizes across the region.

Simone Neri and Adele Johnson, who both live in Hipsburn, teamed up after meeting at Hipsburn First School, which Simone’s daughter attends.

The pair have come up with the idea of creating a catering service which specialises in uniquely styled fine-dining in which they can deliver hot food or cook at holiday lets for people in Northumberland.

They offer a bespoke service that includes arrival meals (hot food to your door) or a chef service with a waitresses aimed at holiday lets, office parties, corporate events and large wedding parties.

Simone, who has been in the bed and breakfast and holiday let business for more than 10 years, said it was a match made in heaven.

“One day I was talking to the school cook, Adele Johnson, and mentioned that there was a huge gap in the market for catering in the holiday lets.

“I knew Adele was a fantastic cook and very confident in cooking for very large groups of people.

“She has worked all over the world and cooked in numerous fantastic restaurants. So we had a lot of meetings together and started to offer the catering in Sefton House in Alnmouth last year, which was hugely successful.”

The pair are now catering outside Alnmouth to other holiday lets and are doing a lot of celebrations and group events.

Adele said she felt that their job was to ‘sell Northumberland.’

“I’ve worked in food since I was 13 years old and I’ve found most people take things out of the freezer and cook it. We do everything fresh.

“We do anything from breakfast to afternoon tea to lunches or fine-dining meals. It’s always been my dream to do this and I just needed a Simone.”

Adele and Simone have also just taken on two other chefs and are interviewing more as the business expands, with the hope of having different chefs to specialise in areas such as fish or game.

They are even expanding online with a website at

Log on for examples of the food which they have to offer.