Mum warns of child bullying

A mum is urging parents to look out for signs of bullying after her daughter tried to take her own life twice because of it.

The Alnwick parent, who did not want to be named, wants others to make sure they know when their child is being picked on after she found out about her daughter through hearsay.

The mum found out last year that her daughter was accused of bullying while at the Duchess’s Community High School, but it transpired that the youngster was actually the victim.

It got so bad that she tried to take her own life twice, but is now on the road to recovery, thanks to support from her family and friends.

But her mum feels that she has been let down.

She wrote to Ofsted, detailing dates, information about the bullying and how badly her daughter’s life had been affected.

She said: “She lost all her enthusiasm, determination and lust for life. She tried to take her life twice and that will stay with her forever.”

“After months of investigations Ofsted have just fobbed me off. They say ‘not all local complaint routes have been followed’ but what more could I do?

“We went to the school, to the Children and Young Persons’s Service, the police and more. If my daughter had taken her own life would they say it was because I hadn’t followed all the complaint routes?

“I want other parents to watch out for the signs. I don’t want others to suffer like my daughter has.”

Maurice Hall, headteacher at the school, said: “The school takes any evidence of bullying extremely seriously. We have dedicated staff who are very experienced and understanding and spend significant amounts of time helping to resolve issues that may develop from any potential bullying.

“While it wouldn’t be appropriate to talk about individual cases we regularly work with and seek advice from the local authority, Ofsted, and other support agencies where appropriate to address issues and provide support to all involved.”

An Ofsted spokeswoman said the complaint related to safeguarding and they do not have legal jurisdication over such matters. She added: “The local authority has reviewed the complaint and found that the school had operated its anti-bullying policy.”