Mum tells of crash ordeal

Hawkhill car crash
Hawkhill car crash

A mum has been left with severe, double-sided whiplash and pins and needles in her leg and foot after the car she was driving was hit from behind when she stopped at another crash.

Rachael Wells was driving to a birthday party at Castle Mania in Amble on Saturday, with her two-year-old son Matthew, when her Ford Kuga, which was a Christmas present, was hit from behind.

Hawkhill car crash

Hawkhill car crash

The 29-year-old had stopped at another accident at Hawkhill dip, on the A1068 near Alnwick, when the crash happened.

She said: “There was a car in the hedge and another car in front of me had already stopped as we couldn’t get past.

“I put on my handbrake and hazards, but I just saw this Ford Ka bombing around the corner, in my rear-view mirror.

“And it just came right into the back of us, pushing us into the car in front.

“The police think I was hit at 54mph.”

Rachael was taken to Wansbeck General Hospital and is still unable to move her neck.

But as her partner Darren was working away in Scotland, she had to call a friend to look after Matthew.

“I am really in a lot of pain, still can’t move my head from side to side, therefore I am unable to drive, and I have still got the pins and needles in my foot,” she said. “I can’t look after Matthew, I can’t even lift the kettle.

“My Mum has had to come up from Cambridgeshire to look after him for me as Darren is away and can’t get home.”

Matthew was also checked out after he was holding his neck the next day and doctors think it is as a result of the seat belt in his car seat.

And Rachael has been told that she has months of physiotherapy and manipulation ahead of her.

It was also a double blow for Rachael as the car was a surprise Christmas present from Darren.

“I’ve only had it three weeks,” she said.

“We’re still waiting on hearing back from the garage about the damage, but I’m hoping it isn’t too much.”

The accident happened on the Alnwick side of Hawkhill before the hill.