Mum proves romance isn’t dead as book tops the chart

Nightingale Woods, author Kathryn Brown.
Nightingale Woods, author Kathryn Brown.

A farmer’s wife and mother-of-one is writing her own success story, after topping the Amazon romance chart with her latest book.

Nightingale Woods, by Kathryn Brown, reached number one in the Kindle Romance Free Downloads section earlier this month after more than 7,000 downloads in five days.

It also entered the Top 100 Amazon Kindle Romance ‘paid’ charts.

Kathryn lives and works on a sheep and arable farm near Lucker with husband James and daughter Amy, aged 13, who is autistic.

It is her second book and has attracted some glowing praise on Amazon, with reviewers branding it compelling, touching and thoroughly enjoyable.

Kathryn said: “I have written short stories since being a young girl.

“My first book was a paranormal romance called Discovery at Rosehill which I based on the farm and it did quite well.

“But this latest one has really taken off and I am delighted by the reactions.”

The book, which is also selling in paperback, is written in part-diary format.

It is a down-to-earth romance focusing on the difficulties of infidelity and what can happen when your past catches up with you.

It tells the tale of twenty-something Rachel Phillips who has fallen for a married man.

The thing is, he’s also fallen for her. In too deep, Rachel and married-man Steve, begin an affair and develop intense feelings for each other, but know what they’re doing is wrong.

But after nine months of lies and deceit, Steve’s wife finds out and gives him an ultimatum.

It was inevitable that someone’s heart would get broken, but Rachel truly believed it wouldn’t be hers.

But it is, and the affair ends.

Seventeen years later, Rachel has been married, widowed and moved on to a new life in a little Scottish village in Perthshire.

She has friends, a nice job and a lovely house.

She’s happy – right up to the moment the past arrives in the village and comes knocking at her door.

Kathryn said: “It’s written from ‘the other woman’s’ point of view and I worked really hard to make it an entertaining read – I learned a lot from the first book about dialogue and plotting.

“The main character is naïve and doing something she knows she shouldn’t be doing, but you like her and feel for her and there is humour in there too.”

Kathryn already has a big following on the internet courtesy of her blog Crystal Jigsaw, with average page views of more than 700 per day.

Here, she writes about the farm and living in the countryside, together with her life as mum to Amy.

○ Nightingale Woods was released earlier this month.

It costs £6.75 (paperback) on Amazon and 75p for Kindle.

Its ISBN number is 1481188798.