Mum has career change to start dog-walking business

Jill Lockett has launched Let's Go Walkabout.
Jill Lockett has launched Let's Go Walkabout.

An animal lover who lost her job as a civil servant in the summer has found her way back into work, by launching her own dog-walking business.

Jill Lockett admits it was an upsetting time when she and fellow staff at Defra’s Lion House, in Alnwick, were told they would be made redundant.

But, having left the site in June after nine years, the mum-of-two has taken the bull by the horns and had a change of career path, by starting Let’s Go Walkabout.

As well as dog walking, the 37-year-old, from Embleton, is offering a pet-sitting service at people’s homes.

And the venture, launched at the start of the month, is proving to be the perfect fit for dog-lover Jill and allows her to juggle work with family commitments.

Jill, who has two young daughters, said: “Unfortunately this year I was made redundant from Defra and it was important that I found a job that was going to fit in with my family commitments. My husband Grant came up with the idea of starting a dog-walking business, which seemed the perfect choice.

“It is different to what I was doing at Defra, but it is much better than sitting in an office all day and it is going well.”

Jill, who has two dogs herself, is offering a comprehensive service and will tailor the walks to the pooch’s needs and personality.

She said: “The individual needs of people’s dogs will be met, whether that is getting the sand between their paws or running up and down hills or for the older dog, or those who don’t like travelling, maybe just a leisurely stroll around the area they know best.

“If there is a specific place that a customer’s dog likes being walked, then please ask.”

Dogs can be walked on their own or with others if they love company. No more than three dogs will be walked together at any one time.

Jill can arrange to take pictures of people’s dogs while they are out walking and send them to their owner so they know their pooch is having fun.

As a special promotion, she is offering the first two customers who sign up for regular dog walks – on the back of this article – a complimentary bottle of Prosecco and a new toy for their dog.

Visit the Let’s Go Walkabout Facebook page, the website or call 07816 611808 or 01665 571306.