Mum calls for action on poo

Susan Macfarlane and her daughter Amy near some dog poo on a pavement in Alnwick.
Susan Macfarlane and her daughter Amy near some dog poo on a pavement in Alnwick.

A mum is calling for something to be done about the amount of dog poo on Alnwick streets after her daughter fell into a pile of it.

Susan Macfarlane was walking with her two-year-old, Amy Taylor, when the youngster landed in the excrement on Windsor Gardens.

The child’s clothes were covered in the muck and despite cleaning, the outfit had to be thrown away.

Susan said: “It wasn’t nice.

“I went to the council and they said they were going to send the dog warden out and get someone to clean it up.

“But I have never seen the dog warden and the muck was still there a couple of days later.

“Amy went to pick up a stick the other day as well and it was millimetres away from dog poo.

“It’s just disgusting.

“I just want people to pick up after their dogs and the council should be doing more about it. I know it is the dog owners’ responsibility, but something needs to be done.

“People wouldn’t like it if their child fell in it.

“There is loads of it around at the moment.

“When it happened with Amy, I went to my mam’s and rushed upstairs to get her some clean clothes while my friend cleaned her up.”

She added that when walking her son, Daniel Macfarlane, six, to St Michael’s First School, he stepped in it as well.

“I had to get him to wipe his shoes on the grass,” she said.

“It’s all around, all along the fences.

“It’s just horrible.”

Coun Dave Ledger, deputy leader of Northumberland County Council, said: “Northumberland County Council has a zero-tolerance approach to dog fouling across the county.

“Alnwick is targeted by enforcement patrols and in the last 12 months, the public protection service has issued eight fixed penalty fines in the town for dog fouling.

“We encourage members of the public to report instances of dog fouling directly to the council. People can report them online, by telephone or in person.”

To report dog fouling online, visit and click on the ‘Report dog fouling’ link.