Mugs, beacons and even a special sausage

COMMUNITY-LED plans to celebrate the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee are well under way in Rothbury.

A small committee has been set up to organise events in the village with grand ideas already in the pipeline.

Youngsters who go to school in the village, including those who live in outlying areas, will receive a special commemorative china mug, which will also be on sale for other residents to buy.

A live stream of the Royal Pageant in London will be put on in the aptly-named Jubilee Hall, after a Big Lunch event on Sunday, June 3 will also be put on.

Tree planting will also take place, with trees from the Woodland Trust. Residents will be asked to pay £5 for a tree, which will then be registered in their name at the British Library.

Rothbury Golf Club would like to plant the trees on their land in a diamond shape.

Beacons will also be lit and there will be a grand firework display.

A civic ceremony will take place at All Saints’ Church on June 10 with the Bishop of Newcastle and jubilee sausage will be created.