Mud-slinging could lead to a ‘voter backlash’

Scott Dickinson
Scott Dickinson

The Labour candidate has warned of voter backlash against ‘negative personal attacks’ in the north Northumberland contest.

Scott Dickinson, who is contesting the Berwick seat, has reacted with disappointment to the latest bout of attacks launched by his opponents in the General Election campaign.

The party is pointing to the ‘increasingly desperate nature’ of the attacks, which have included a sustained character assassination of Labour leader Ed Miliband and comments about Mr Dickinson on Twitter.

Mr Dickinson said: “It’s right and proper that candidates are held to account for their party policies, but there’s a danger that candidates will face a backlash from voters if they gratuitously attack their opponents personally.

“Whether it be the sustained attacks on Ed Miliband from the Conservative campaign or unpleasant personal attacks on Twitter against me, the people of north Northumberland want to see a clean contest based on policies, not personal attacks.

“I’m warning my opponents that residents are telling me every day that they will punish partyies who engage in this type of negative campaigning and I happen to agree with them.”