MP shares her views on state visit of US President Trump

Donald TrumpDonald Trump
Donald Trump
Berwick MP Anne-Marie Trevelyan has shared her views on the proposed state visit of the new US President, Donald Trump.

The Conservative MP said: “First, let me say that I fully appreciate the strength of feeling on this issue, evidenced by the number of signatures to the petitions on the Parliament website and the volume of correspondence I have received both from those in favour of the visit and those against.

“For those opposed to the visit, it seems to stem from the President’s decision to expand President Obama’s identification of the seven countries he believed pose a threat to the US, to include a temporary access restriction on citizens from those nations while additional checks take place.

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“I happen to agree with our Government that this policy is wrong and I am pleased to live in a country that would not similarly block access based on nationality. At best it is using a sledgehammer to crack a nut. I think it is divisive, impractical, harmful to the majority of innocent citizens caught up in it and highly likely to be used as a propaganda tool by Daesh who have welcomed the temporary restrictions.

“So, we as a nation clearly disagree with the United States’ newly-announced immigration policy. Should we ban their democratically-elected leader from attending a non-political state visit because of it? No.

“This country’s alliance with the United States is vitally important.

“On defence, intelligence and security, we work more closely together than any other two countries in the world.”

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She added: “It is very important to say, however, that where we have differences with the US, we should not hesitate to express them, and continuing our close friendship with the people of the United States, and the leader they elected, means we can be a critical friend if needed.”