MP: Questioning her decisions

I am delighted to see that our MP has done something useful for the people of Northumberland '“ she has referred the Druridge Bay decision to the appropriate Secretary of State.

But I do have to question her judgement on other matters.

For example, despite the clear levels of poverty and deprivation in the North East, she has consistently supported the Chancellor’s austerity package, disadvantaging her poorer constituents.

And when a representative of Northumberland’s biggest industry, agriculture, asked her to support the ‘Remain’ group, she simply ignored him.

But I am grateful to Mrs Trevellyan for one thing.

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I became very complacent under Sir Alan Beith’s stewardship. Having a pleasant and friendly MP with whom one could have congenial conversations in the street or in the Playhouse, and so on, was a real treat. So I have re-joined the Labour Party and am looking forward to the next General Election.

MJ Tuckwell,

Farriers Rise,