MP: Much to learn on Facebook

Regarding the news about Ms Trevelyan's Facebook page, (Northumberland Gazette, April 21) having recently '˜unfollowed' her posts on Facebook, I can say that I am not all surprised.

Friday, 13th May 2016, 10:30 am

I have some sympathy as I believe that our MP has been badly advised as to her social media strategy.

I have posted to her Facebook page – my comment was not shown. I have responded to a post of hers – she did not respond to my comment.

To have a social media page with no actual engagement in the conversation is the modern equivalent of shouting down a megaphone at the world whilst wearing ear protectors.

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In addition, posting directly from a Twitter feed to a Facebook page was something I was strongly advised against in my excellent iNorthumberland Digital training for small businesses last year. The two platforms have different users, needs and cultures, which should be respected.

I am sure that some of the issues with the Facebook page could have been avoided if there was some level of conversation being had – as everyone knows, if someone feels they are not being listened to they have two options: to shout louder or to walk away. I walked away, but others have chosen a different route, which has resulted in Ms Trevelyan changing her policy.

Perhaps the best solution is not to have a Facebook presence at all. This would remove the problem and, seeing as it is not being used as a place of engagement, would not impact on Ms Trevelyan in any way as those who wanted her news could simply follow her on Twitter – a platform on which she can and does engage.

Phil Sage,