MP: It was a great piece of satire

After reading Anne-Marie Trevelyan's column in last week's Northumberland Gazette, I felt I must congratulate you on publishing such a superbly up-to-date piece of satire.

By The Newsroom
Saturday, 17th November 2018, 5:00 am

Anne-Marie has successfully written a piece in the style of dear Donald Trump which completely out-performs the man himself in presenting ‘fake news’.

3.3million more in work. Wonderful, but don’t mention that every town now has a food bank to assist many of these low paid workers.

I was surprised she did not claim all of these food banks as another triumph of her government, after all, a growth from zero to thousands in the lifetime of one government must be something to be proud of.

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‘Keep Britain Great’ caps all round I say. A rescue deal of 86.6billion over five years to save the NHS, presented as a triumph and not as a complete failure of the government to support it in previous years, 28billion more for roads presented as an achievement, but don’t mention the underfunding which has caused the roads to be in such a bad way.

Claiming the dualling of the A1 as her achievement when everyone knows that the ground work for this was done by the previous incumbent of her office, 50million given to landowners put under the banner of greening the planet. Brilliant!

I am surprised she did not manage to claim the upsurge in crime as a benefit.

Perhaps some of these 3.3million increased jobs included the gangs working the drug trade. Again, these gangs have thrived under this government whose economies have greatly reduced the police force.

I suppose it was inevitable that Anne-Marie turn to comedy when her party are so brilliantly making a farce out of Brexit.

I look forward to Anne-Marie’s next column of Trumpean satire.

Fred Watson,

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