Motorists warned of icy conditions

Police are advising motorists to take extra care on icy roads in Northumberland today as overnight frost has led to slippery conditions on many roads with black ice in some places.

A number of reports have been received of vehicles skidding due to the road conditions, especially in the Morpeth and South East areas of Northumberland.

A Northumbria Police spokesman said: “We have had a number of reports of black ice causing cars to skid and to come off the road.

“Motorists are advised that all roads are potentially hazardous in these sorts of conditions and that they should be aware of black ice.”

Motorists are advised to match their speed to local conditions, keep a good distance from the car in front and try not to brake too sharply.

Pedestrians are also being advised to take extra care and watch out for ice on footpaths and roads.