Motorists urged not to park on the paths

Work is ongoing to renew footpaths in Wooler.
Work is ongoing to renew footpaths in Wooler.

Determined efforts are to be made to urge motorists not to park on Wooler’s new footpaths, to stop the smart-looking slabs from being damaged.

Work is ongoing to renew the pavements on High Street and Market Place, which had become uneven and a trip hazard. At Monday’s parish council meeting, members said a lot of the problems had come from vehicles, especially delivery vans, parking on the pavements.

Councillors are keen to keep the repaired footpaths in a good condition. As part of this, a letter drop to local businesses was suggested, inviting them to ask their delivery drivers to park considerately.

Coun Anthony Murray said he would explore the possibility of putting signage on the high street to advise people not to park on the pavements.

Council chairman Robert Donkin said: “It has taken us years to get these pavements sorted and the repairs have cost a lot of money. We want to protect them as much as possible.”