Motorists’ lack of respect criticised

A former fire officer has criticised some motorists for a ‘lack of respect’ on the single carriageway stretches of the A1, which have been the scene of multiple deaths.

Jim Thompson, who now owns Alnwick Wedding Cars, said it seems to be difficult to get the safety message over to certain people, despite the road’s poor record.

Mr Thompson, who backs the A1 dualling calls, said: “I was driving back up the A1 after picking up one of our Rolls-Royces and in a string of traffic when a VW overtook over double white lines just south of the Eshott turn-off, then again past some lorries beside the Burgham turn-off and then again just south of the Felton turn-off.

“How do we get the message across to people that the hatched areas and solid white lines are there to help preserve safety?

“I see this happen often. There is a lack of respect on the part of certain drivers.”