Mothers Union

DISCOVER AND CELEBRATE: The theme for Mothers’ Union this year is Your Gift? Discover and Celebrate and that’s just what the Belford Branch did at its February meeting.

Members identified their gifts and talents on a confidential basis, to save blushes and encourage candour, and everyone shared someone else’s gifts with the meeting.

And what a range of gifts and talents we discovered. Some were practical, cooking, dressmaking, child minding and housework. And others were softer skills, listening, teaching and tactfulness.

Members then talked through some of the ways in which this rich seam of gifts can be used within the village and the surrounding area – helping with pastoral needs of the community, offering support to women who are just moving into the village and don’t know their way round.

Opportunities to use gifts and skills to fund raise for Mothers’ Union activities will also benefit, as will church and other causes – especially with cake-making, crafts and gardening.

There won’t be a branch meeting in March because the Mothers’ Union is organising its third Quiet Day, at the new Northumbrian Community Mother House, repeating the success of last year. Places are limited for this event which will be held on March 14, so contact Rev John Beckwith or Barbara Twiname if you’d like to come along.

And the April 4 meeting will be the Mothers’ Union annual open meeting when everyone is invited to come along and hear about an issue that has wider implications for us all.

This year the speaker will be Sue Nuttall of Water Aid. The topic of potable water supplies and adequate sewerage is of growing concern across the world and Water Aid is one of the causes identified for support by the PCC.

Please come along and learn a little more about this excellent charity and its activities.