Morrisons pull out of Alnwick petrol station

The vacant garage in Alnwick.
The vacant garage in Alnwick.

Supermarket chain Morrisons has pulled out of plans to take over a disused filling station in Alnwick.

The company has revealed to the Gazette that it was considering taking on the site but decided not to progress with it.

Northumberland Estates has announced that it will continue to look for an operator.

The Alnwick Motorway Services was opened in June last year but regularly ran out of fuel and in December the Estates decided to terminate the lease.

A legal process ensued and once the case was closed the Estates looked in to reopening.

But a statement this week said: ‘The Northumberland Estates are disappointed to announce that, after detailed and lengthy discussions with a national supermarket chain regarding the vacant petrol filling station at Cawledge, the operator has decided to pull out of the transaction to concentrate on other property acquisitions.

‘The Estates understand the desire of the community to have an alternative petrol station in Alnwick and we were disappointed that we were unable to secure an agreement.

‘We reiterate our desire to secure a high-quality tenant for the petrol station as quickly as possible but we will take the time to make sure this is the right tenant for the site.

“Our commercial team has appointed Rapleys, specialist property consultants, to market the site and we are working closely with potentially interested parties to ensure the best operator is selected for the site.”

A spokesman for Morrisons Plc said: “We considered the site but for various reasons decided not to progress it.”

Alnwick town and county councillor Gordon Castle said: “I am extremely disappointed by this as are most people with vehicles in the local area. It would have offered good competition for lower fuel prices.

“Northumberland Estates are not to blame they will not want someone like the previous owners taking over.

“All we can hope is that Northumberland Estates have got some other potential operators for the site.”